Resigning with tact and dignity is an act that requires careful planning and reflection. Before resigning you must consider why you are quitting, how you will deliver the news, and when and what your next move will be. You may be stuck working in an environment that is not meant for you or you may be looking to make a move to advance your career. Whatever your reasoning may be, it is important to consider your options and come up with a strategy that respects all parties involved in and directly affected by your resignation.  Consider following these simple guidelines and make them your own.

  • Give a minimum of two weeks. This is the most basic and well-known bit of advice, and it stands tried, true and respectful.
  • Resign in person to your manager or supervisor. Talk to your boss in person about it. This shows them that you respect them and the company enough to explain your intentions. While delivering your resdinosaur resignationignation to your manager, be positive; express appreciation and compliment the experiences you have had with them.
  • Include an official letter of resignation. Do not give details about your new job in your resignation letter. It is likely that your boss will want to know why you are leaving and possibly if there is anything they can do to keep you. In some cases, employers will extend a counteroffer to try to get you to stay. In this case, remember you are tendering your resignation for a REASON. There are usually specific reasons one chooses to leave a company and these specifics may not be easily changed. Be sure that you make the best choice to advance your career while also maintaining your happiness.
  • If possible, assure them that you will help with the transition to certify that things continue to run smoothly as you would not want to disrupt the flow of business.
  • If your employer does not take your resignation well, or it is policy that you must be relieved immediately, be prepared. Be sure to gather personal possessions and files from your office and computer. The less stressful you can make this on yourself and the company, the better.
  • In your last weeks, remain productive and positive. Do not say anything negative about the company or the people you have worked with.

The idea is to remain optimistic and respectful. Remember the positive impact this position and company has had on you. Resigning is never easy on anyone involved, but being prepared for anything and really considering the impact this move will have will help ease the process. The most important thing is to do what is right for you and try not burn any bridges while you do.